"Making Sense of Chinese Gold Flows & Gold Demand" Philip Klapwijk MD Precious Metals Insights Ltd Bloomberg Intelligence Agenda 2015

Bloomberg_220515_Klapwijk.pptx - bloomberg_220515_-philip-klapwijk-preciousmetalsinsights-1.pdf

Friday 22 May 2015 Bloomberg Intelligence Agenda 2015

Philip Klapwijk Managing Director of Precious

Metals Insights Limited  was speaking at Bloomberg Intelligence Agenda 2015 in Bloomberg London Headquarters.

To see the slides in pdf format of "Making Sense of Chinese Gold Flows  & Gold Demand" by Philip Klapwijk  MD ofPrecious Metals Insights Ltd click here.

Full audio commentary on the slide from Philip Klapwijk will be uploaded to this blog shortly. Please check back soon. 
Precious Metals Insights Limited PMI gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets consultants, advisers and analysts Hong Kong. Supply & demand analysis, production, consumption and recycling consultancy. Managing director: Philip Klapwijk.
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